Deluxe Towel

  • Our Deluxe Towel mesures 42.0" x7".
  • This light weight, soft to touch, microfiber towel absorbs water several times quicker and more than the regular cotton towel. 
  • Machine washable and you can Personalize it on both sides.
  • It is now a quick step away from transforming your favorite pictures onto the towels.
  • Personalize the towel and stand out in the crowd at the beach, the gym, or at the golf range or design the towel to simply fit the decor of your own home.
  • A great gift idea!

Sports Towel

1-5 - $20.00
6-10 - $19.00 (Same Picture)
11-20 - $18.00 (Same Picture)
21-100 - $17.00 (Same Picture)
Prices are for one 5" X 7" Picture.
You can add 15 More 5" X 7" Pictures!
Add $10.00 for each additional picture.

101 or more -please contact us at The Remodeling Station