Our Family Picture Blanket

This Huge 40" X 60" Blanket is so comfortable...
...you will be happy winter is here!

Our Family Picture Blanket

1-5 - $150.00
6-10 - $145.00 (Same Picture)
11-20 - $135.00 (Same Picture)
21-100 - $125.00 (Same Picture)
101 or more -please contact us at The Remodeling Station

Choose from 40 borders:

Our line of Picture Blankets enhances images with a simple yet elegant black border knitted with the picture. Within the border is one of these loving messages to let the recipient know how much you care.
Picture Blanket

move mouse over name to view image

S100 - I Love You
S101 - I Love Mommy
S102 - I Love Daddy
S103 - I Love Mommy & Daddy
S104 - I Love Grandma
S105 - I Love Grandpa
S106 - I Love Grandma & Grandpa
S107 - I Love My Aunt
S108 - I Love My Uncle
S109 - I Love My Aunt & Uncle
S110 - We Love You
S111 - We Love Our Mommy
S112 - We Love Our Daddy
S113 - We Love Our Mommy & Daddy
S114 - We Love Our Grandma
S115 - We Love Our Grandpa
S116 - We Love Our Grandma & Grandpa
S117 - We Love Our Aunt
S118 - We Love Our Uncle

S119 - We Love Our Aunt & Uncle
S120 - Té Amo
S121 - Our Family
S122 - Happy Anniversary
S123 - World's Greatest Pet
S124 - blank border
S125 - Happy Holidays
S126 - Merry Christmas
S127 - Happy Valentine's Day
S128 - hearts border
S129 - Dog Bone
S130 - Dog Bone / with your message
S131 - Daddy's Fishing Buddy
S132 - Daddy's Hunting Buddy
S133 - Happy Mother's Day
S134 - Happy Father's Day
S135 - Class of 2004
S136 - oval
S137 - I Love Mom And Dad
S138 - We Love Mom And Dad
S139 - Happy Birthday

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